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Books, magazines, brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, packaging, DVD-cases and booklets, T-shirts, vehicle decoration


Logotypes, corporate identity development, branding and rebranding, visual identity redesign, stationery, business cards


Croatian philology in the intercultural context

Doctoral study at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Studies, University of Zagreb

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Dražen Karaman, CEO
M +385 (0)91 739 47 67
T +385 (0)1 46 77 181


I began designing professionally for the Web and print in 2006. Working for numerous clients with very different needs and demands, I have learned that design does sell and that style indeed is everything.

However, I believe that what the audience really want is information. It is my prime objective to deliver that information in an efficient and visually pleasing way. In doing so, I preferably follow the modernist principle 'less is more'.

If you are interested in my services, I will be glad to perform a free and non-binding analysis of your needs and propose a suitable solution.

Company details

Karaman Design Ltd.
Mirogojska cesta 35,
HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Registered for trade and services with the Court of Commerce, Zagreb.

OIB: 47201966249
MBS: 080547051
European VAT no.: HR47201966249

IBAN: HR7524840081103385930